Zahida Oakley
Gained her Bachelor of Dental Surgery with honours at the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, in 2002.  Completed her vocational trying in general practice in Nottingham in 2003.  Worked in the hospital sector in the UK as a junior doctor in oral and maxillofacial surgery 2003-2007.  Emigrated to Perth in 2008 and commenced practice at the Oral Health Centre of Western Australia in the general practice and oral surgery departments.  Completed her Clinical Doctorate in Periodontics at the University of Western Australia in 2012 and also became a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons in the Periodontics division the following year. Commenced private practice in 2013 specialising in Periodontics. Currently the practice co-owner of Central Periodontics in Perth.   Has particular interests in: the management of periodontal diseases and maintaining the natural dentition; muco-gingival surgery to treat gum recession, surgical placement of dental implants including bone grafting; management of problems with dental implants.
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